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Hello! I’m Lisa Bourdon.

My passion is helping women transform their relationships with food, weight and body image. With me by your side, you can leave deprivation behind and unburden your beauty as you relax into your truly luscious life. Read more about me…

Are you hungry for a truly luscious life,
a right-for-you sized life where you feel at ease with food, with your body and with yourself?

You’re tired of struggling against you own body, day after day. You know for sure that another bag
of chips or pint of ice cream will not give you the comfort you truly desire. You yearn for freedom from countless resolutions made and broken, from self-censoring and restrictions, and from disappointment and self-loathing. You cannot bear for another day, feeling fat or less than.

I work with smart, vibrant women — just like you — who have had enough of feeling hungry, unfulfilled, unrealized. Read their stories and explore the ways we can work together:

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