One Hit Wonderful Wardrobe Coaching

One Hit Wonderful Wardrobe Coaching

You’ve been there…

  • the VIP black-tie New Year’s Eve party that’s just a month away
  • the national conference is in two weeks and you are the key note speaker
  • the once in a lifetime job interview and you’re a lifetime older than the competition

…and all you own are dated suits, yoga pants and hoodies.

Or, maybe your needs are more practical:

  • Your kids make fun of your mom jeans, and you want to wow them with asset-flaunting jeans that really, really flatter.
  • You need a new bathing suit for your upcoming cruise but you can’t bear the thought of trying on dozens of suits under harsh dressing room lighting.

When you need guidance and know-how for just one occasion or one outfit, One Hit Wonderful Wardrobe Coaching is for you! Delivered via Skype, this easy and efficient three step coaching option is specific to you and your need, and it is as convenient as your closet.

Don’t worry if you need more than one outfit for an occasion, (for example, you need a set of cruise clothes: a bathing suit and cover-up, a dinner dress with bold statement jewellery and a cool dress that will be comfortable in Bahama-heat), just let me know upfront and we’ll talk through how-to and how-much.

Here’s how I’ll make you shine in 3 easy steps:

1. We’ll start with a Fashion Chat over a cup of tea (or the libation of your choosing) and you’ll tell me all about the upcoming occasion or the item you need. We’ll talk about style, color, fabrics and silhouettes. You’ll tell me what’s worked before and what hasn’t. In the second part of the Skype session we’ll identity your body type and your top three physical assets to emphasize in every outfit. It’s painless and fun, I promise! (For the record, every body has physical assets.)
75 minute session via Skype

2. We’ll play Show and Tell.  I’ll scour online resources for stylish items that fit your criteria and email you photos of the very best options for your real life dress up venture. We can use Pinterest as a virtual Look Book to help you pick your favorites. Then, you’ll make the purchases for the final Ta da! session.
Email and Pinterest Huddle

3. Ta da! In our last session we’ll create a virtual dressing room; you’ll try on the items that you bought and I’ll be the loving mirror that you’ve always wanted. We’ll choose the item that’s perfect for you and identify any nips and tucks for tailoring, if needed. Ta da!
75 minute session via Skype

One Hit Wonderful Wardrobe Coaching is $500 USD.

Are you ready for some one-to-one style sweetness? Get in touch!