Attire Revolution Wardrobe Coaching

Attire Revolution Wardrobe Coaching
available to Atlanta residents

Attire Revolution provides a complete closet and style transformation.

This plan is best for you if:

  • You’re ready to live life well-dressed but your closet tells another story.
  • You want your clothes to reflect your best self, but you have to remember who she is first.
  • You have a ‘yes to life’ attitude and you’ve got the resources to make it happen.
  • You are primed to revolutionize your wardrobe and your life.

“Can you help me or should I call Omar the Tent Maker to make my clothes?”
Meet Mia, a woman with hidden style.
Her nemesis: A stuffed closet and nothing to wear.
Read Mia’s story

Here’s how your Attire Revolution takes place:

1. We’ll begin with a half day Fashion Chat talking about the colors, patterns and fabrics you love (and hate) and discover what lights you up, style wise. We’ll explore the origin of your unique style and we’ll walk through a fun and illuminating lifestyle assessment so you can fully embrace your fashion-worthiness

I’ll trace your body on a sheet of paper, (you’ll be dressed, of course), to identify your body type, detail your proportions and identify your top three physical assets. It’s painless and enlightening – I promise! You’ll learn what all the measurement numbers mean and understand, finally, why the jeans that your best friend swears by sit in your closet gathering dust. You’ll see yourself in a whole new light!
Half day in person

2. Between sessions, we’ll create your private Look Book Style Resource on Pinterest with pieces of clothing that represent your personal ‘look’.  We’ll ‘pin’ photos of items that you need to fill in the gaps and round out your closet-keepers as well as clothing and outfits that you want to buy. We’ll create a shopping strategy that makes sense for your wardrobe-revamp and your lifestyle.
Email and Pinterest Huddle

3. Purge and Merge! We’ll spend a half day together in your closet taking stock with the intent to Purge and Merge. We’ll purge your “low self-worth outfit” from the closet and ditch it forever! We’ll replace it with three rockin’ outfits remixed from your own clothes that highlight your physical assets and work for your lifestyle. With the magic of pins and tape, I’ll show you what a few nips and tucks from a good tailor can do to improve the fit of your clothes.  I’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your closet organized: why the perfect hanger is crucial for preserving style, how to fold sweaters, steps to establish seasonality, and proper clothing storage. We’ll bust the fashion magazine myths on clothes, shopping, and style.
Half day in person

4. Finally, it’s time to Splurge! You and I will spend a day shopping. You’ll try on lots of clothes to determine what fits and flatters, and we’ll discover the styles to avoid regardless of the price. We’ll find the perfect items to fill in your wardrobe gaps and pull together outfits that make you look and feel great. We’ll photograph your purchases and make notes about what goes with what so that getting dressed for any occasion will be a piece of cake.
Full day in person

Attire Revolution Wardrobe Coaching is $1875 USD

(payment options available).

Are you ready for some one-to-one style sweetness? Get in touch!