S’more… in Your Kitchen

Are you ready for S’more…
in your kitchen?

Let Chef Seth Freedman and me take you on a luscious food adventure that begins in your kitchen. It starts with a detailed assessment on site. You’ll be asked all kinds of questions about the way you cook now — questions like, “Do you use the top of the stove, but never the oven? Are you quick to fire up the grill, but braising beef is out of the question? Do you only eat fish in a restaurant?”

Your pantry, cupboards, and drawers will bare their all. Do you have a dozen spatulas, four garlic presses, one fry pan and a butter knife? What about your cookbooks and recipe resources? Are they non-existent, or are your shelves filled with diet cookbooks? Once we understand what life in your kitchen is really like for you, we’ll create a culinary map to get you from here to there — complete with suggested action steps and resources to support you.

Then we’ll embark on an educational excursion to Whole Foods Market. There you’ll learn to see the market through the eyes of a professional chef and an inspired home cook. You’ll learn what to do with things like tomatillos and mangosteens, in addition to gaining the confidence to talk to the fishmonger or butcher like the knowledgeable foodie you are becoming. While at the market, we’ll guide you in purchasing the food items for a main meal of your choosing. Then Chef Freedman will give you a cooking lesson in your kitchen — you will prepare the food you purchased with Chef Freedman alongside sharing techniques and tips, and me as your Sous Chef. When everything’s ready, you’ll sit down and enjoy the delicious meal that you prepared.

Ready to get cooking? Then click here to schedule a free, no-strings attached, 20-minute phone consultation. During our initial chat, we’ll explore what you want to accomplish and the time frame in which you’d like to do it. And if we both think culinary coaching can help you, we’ll forge a plan, including a customized proposal based on your heart’s desires and budget. Typical culinary coaching packages (as described) average $1200, plus the cost of food.

Got a simple question?

I do my best to answer all email questions within 24 hours of receiving them, Monday through Friday.

Bee in the know

This custom culinary coaching option is highly customizable. Additional services based on your specific needs can be added — just ask.

As your coach, I am deeply committed to your process and will give you my best, always. That said, personal growth outcomes are ultimately up to you — that’s a good thing. However, if you are less than satisfied with your culinary coaching experience, I will happily refund a pro rata share of your customized coaching package within 30 days of purchase.


Q. My cooking skills are horrendous. Can you work with me or am I a lost cause?
A. Of course we can work with you! We’ll start exactly where you are (you probably have more basic skills than you think you have!) You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn at the market and during your hands-on cooking lesson. Obviously one cooking lesson won’t ready you to compete for Iron Chef, but this immersive coaching experience will provide you with some ever-important culinary skills and get you in the food groove.

Q. Will I have to purchase new or expensive cooking equipment?
A. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to. After we assess the state of your kitchen — the inventory of what you have and how you use it — we’ll suggest items that will help you reach your cooking goals. But what you decide to purchase and when you decide to purchase the items, is entirely up to you.

Q. Working with a professional chef sounds intimidating. Is it?
A. No, it’s not! One of Chef Freedman’s favorite things to do is teach kids to cook in school classrooms, as well as families in community farmers’ markets. They love him! He’s knowledgeable and encouraging and fun. He has generously shared his culinary talents with me — my kitchen smarts have matured so much that I can honestly say that I love to cook (still not wild about doing the dishes — but that’s another story).