S’more… in Your Closet

Are you ready for S’more…
in your closet?

Why is it that you stand in front of your closet filled with clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear?

My hunch is that you’ve used clothes to hide your body for some time – perhaps you’ve treated them as a uniform or even a disguise. You may have bought clothes because they were on sale or because your mother, friend or a women’s magazine told you that buying a smaller size would be an incentive to lose weight. You’ve probably never given yourself the time to discover what colors make you light up, what shapes or cuts compliment your body type, what fabrics feel good against your skin or what kind of clothes work best for your lifestyle (or the Atlanta climate — How many bulky turtleneck sweaters does an Atlanta girl need?!)

We’ll start in your closet — you and me — with a thorough assessment of your existing wardrobe in relation to your lifestyle. We’ll take stock before we make any big moves. We’ll explore what works and why, as well as what doesn’t. Then we’ll dive in and purge — we’ll eliminate the clothes and accessories that don’t work for you. (You decide what to do with the items — donate, consign, etc.)

Once your wardrobe has been edited, we’ll merge — I’ll show you how to make the most of your current pieces and create new combinations and outfits from them. We’ll keep detailed notes and photograph the combinations to make getting dressed easier. At this stage, we’ll talk about items you may want to add, now or in the future, and create a personal shopping strategy so you know where to find these pieces and how to add them.

Finally, we’ll splurge. You and I will go shopping, either to buy new items to fill in the gaps or simply to try on various clothes so you know how to choose pieces that make you look and feel great. No more guessing games or frustrating shopping experiences for you!

Ready for some closet therapy? Then click here to schedule a free, no-strings attached, 20-minute phone consultation. During our initial chat, we’ll explore the current state of your wardrobe, talk about what you’d like to accomplish, and the time frame in which you’d like to do it. And if we both think wardrobe coaching can help you, we’ll forge a plan, including a customized proposal based on your heart’s desires and budget. Typical wardrobe packages (as described) average $1000 plus the cost of clothing (purchasing clothing is optional).

Got a simple question?

I do my best to answer all email questions within 24 hours of receiving them, Monday through Friday.

Bee in the Know

Wardrobe coaching packages are highly customizable. Additional services based on your specific needs can be added — just ask.

As your coach, I am deeply committed to your process and will give you my best, always. That said, personal growth outcomes are ultimately up to you — and that’s a good thing! But if you are less than satisfied with your wardrobe coaching experience, I will happily refund a pro rata share of your customized coaching package within 30 days of purchase.


Q. What if I don’t want to spend money on a new wardrobe until I reach my natural weight?
A. That’s okay. We’ll work with what’s in your closet now — mixing and matching items to create some new looks. And you’ll get clear about what looks good on you so that when you do want to buy new clothes, you’ll know what to buy.

Q. My closet is a mess! Should I clean it before you come over?
A. Straighten it enough so we can work. If you have boxes and/or piles of laundry that make it impossible for us to focus, then yes, clear the clutter, please! Wardrobe coaching is about revamping your wardrobe so that you feel good about getting dressed every day (an organized closet is a fringe benefit).

Q. How will you know what looks good on me?
A. I get clothes. I get women’s bodies. I get clothes on women’s bodies. I worked as professional stylist in the fashion industry for many years. Shapes, colors, fabric, construction — it’s all second nature to me. I’ve been sewing and fashioning outfits since I was a kid (my dolls were the best dressed in the neighborhood).