Tales from the Hive Learning Circles

booksTales from the Hive Learning Circles

Read, learn, connect and laugh.

I own a lot of books – I mean a lot – and the self-help genre is among my favorites because of the generous and empowering wisdom shared by the authors. My hand-selected collection of self-help books has ignited epiphanies, revolutionized relationships and healed problematic patterns in my clients’ lives, and I’d love to share these special books with you.

My learning circles delve deep into rich, life changing material. Led by me and my in-depth Reader’s Guides, my learning circles explore the authors’ teaching points with thought provoking and heart-opening dialogue.

Each circle is an intimate, closed group of women that meets either in person or online. Favorite topics include intuitive eating, emotional intelligence and personal empowerment. These cozy groups are delicious and enriching. There might be tears and there will definitely be laughter.

Also, joining a learning circle is a great way to work with me in a small group setting to become familiar with me, my philosophies and my practices. A learning circle will slowly ease you into new information and new ways of thinking.

Is your enquiring mind intrigued? Check out the learning circle schedule and join the hive!