Meet Meredith

Meet Meredith

Meredith courageously left an abusive marriage. She got sober, got custody of her children and got a new career as a lawyer.

She has the drive and smarts of two people. Yet, she can’t stop binge eating and compulsive overeating. She’s tried Weight Watchers, hypnosis, 12-step recovery, therapy, and white knuckling it without success.

At wits end, she vented about her struggle to her massage therapist who gave her a copy of Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth. Meredith saw herself on every page and immediately signed up for Roth’s retreat to “take on ice cream.”

I first met Meredith after the retreat. She had plenty of aha moments at the retreat but was struggling with applying the eating guidelines, or what Meredith called “those damn rules.”

I asked Meredith what gave her pleasure in life. She guffawed, “Pleasure! I don’t do pleasure!”

“Isn’t pleasure the problem? Who’s got time for that, anyway?”

Undaunted by Meredith’s question, I asked, “What feeds your soul? Where is the deliciousness in your life?”

After a long pause she answered, “Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra ice cream.”

“My meals are on point: vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free…,” (and fun-free, I thought), “then at night I find myself eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and later I beat myself up over it. Ha! I’ve overcome so much but I can’t conquer a stupid pint of ice cream. When I told the other women at the retreat that I just need more self-control they all laughed.”

“Oh, I like those women!” I said. “The solution to your nightly Ben and Jerry’s ‘fix’ isn’t more control over food or your appetite; it’s the opposite!”

“You’ve had to fight your way through life, but there is no battle to win here. This is about ending the struggle and softening. It’s about experiencing more pleasure and making peace with food, with yourself and with your life.”

Meredith softly cried, “When can we start?”

I had the honor of introducing Meredith to pleasure. She identified with Geneen Roths’s infamous quote, “We don’t want to eat hot fudge sundaes as much as we want our lives to be hot fudge sundaes.”

We worked to unburden her from the toughened and hurt parts of her that kept her from experiencing true pleasure. After talking through the deeper meaning of the eating guidelines, Meredith dove right in to applying them. As she learned to trust her hunger she developed a friendly and satisfying relationship with her body and food– even Ben & Jerry’s.

Today, Meredith’s appetite for life and love abounds! Much to her amazement, she discovered that she likes to play. After many years alone, she has found a loving partner. They delight in raising therapy dogs for programs in women’s prisons. And, she has reduced her hours at the law firm. Meredith jokes that she’s now working part-time at 40 hours a week.

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