Eat Play Love

Eat Play Love is small group work at its best

With only eight women, the group is small enough for each woman to receive lots of individual attention from me allowing each to grow and change at a pace that’s right for her. At the same time, the group is large enough for each woman to benefit from peer support and the super-fueled momentum of group dynamics.

During our time together you’ll learn mind-body healing techniques that will provide the foundation for health-giving change on all levels.

By practicing intuitive eating — the core of what to do around food and eating — you’ll learn how to honor your hunger and respect your fullness, make peace with food and with your body.

We’ll use creative arts — storytelling, poetry, improvisation, movement, journaling and visual art — to make the journey inward more rich and delicious.

All the while you’ll be in good company — surrounded by other courageous and committed women who are ready to satisfy their hunger with a truly luscious life.

Level One

In this six-week experiential journey, we’ll start with the basics. You’ll put the intuitive eating guidelines into play — from learning to honor your physical hunger and satiety signals to rediscovering the pleasures of  nourishing your body with good-for-you food. You’ll build a toolbox of social and emotional life skills that are the essential ingredients for personal growth and lasting change — starting with the skills of awareness, curiosity and self-compassion. You’ll learn to connect to your body in real time, relax your harsh self-criticism, and shower yourself with juicy, authentic kindness.

Level One $299 (plus $35 materials fee)

Next group starts late February, 2012.
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Bee in the know

Single coaching sessions are available after you’ve completed Level One of the Eat Play Love program. Discounted session packages are available — contact me for single session rates.

As your coach, I am deeply committed to your process and will give you my best, always. That said, personal growth outcomes are ultimately up to you — and that’s a good thing. Because of the nature of small group dynamics, your commitment to participating in, as well as completing the six-week program, is essential. However, if you are less than satisfied with your coaching experience, please be sure to let me know. We’ll work to right the situation.


Q. Can I participate in Eat Play Love if I’m not creative?
A. Oh, but you are! We all are! But rest assured, you don’t need to be a poet or have a stash of oil pastels to experience the pleasure or the healing potential of creative expression. All I ask is that you open yourself to the process and prepare to be amazed.

Q. Will I lose weight by participating in Eat Play Love?
A. Honestly, I don’t know. You’ll learn intuitive eating skills in Level One, practice them some more in Level Two and practice them even more in Level Three. If you’ve fluctuated between dieting and overeating (no matter the length of time you’ve spent restricting and permitting), you can learn to eat intuitively, and by doing so you will reach your natural weight.

Q. Do I have to participate in all three levels of Eat Play Love?
A. No. While each level builds on the previous one, you are not required to participate in all three levels of the program. While it would be wonderful for you to keep on goin’, you may decide to work with me one-to-one after completing Level One or Level Two. Or maybe you’ll need to take a break from participating in a group so you can integrate what you’ve learned. It’s your choice, always.

Q. Will I have to follow a specified diet plan or exercise regimen?
A. Oh my gosh, no! The intuitive eating guidelines that I teach are about making peace with food on your terms, and freeing yourself from chronic dieting and diet mentality forever. Only you know which foods you not only like to eat, but which foods fuel your body. And only you know when you are physically hungry and when you are sated. Even if my crystal ball worked, I wouldn’t attempt to tell you what or when to eat. And the same is true for exercise. How you choose to respect and move your body is always your choice.