How This is Different

How this is different

You know…

Different from the diet roller coaster that takes your weight zooming down and then climbing up again — and no matter where you are on the ride, you still feel out of control and anxious about what’s going to happen next.

Different from the authoritarian systems that rely on strict rules imposed from above, obsessive calorie counting and contrition sessions — like you’re a criminal on supervised release.

Different from the relentless rehashing of past hurts that leave you exhausted and disheartened — with no supported strategy for dealing with the here and now, and no clear way forward.

My one-to-one coaching sessions and group coaching programs, delivered by phone, Skype, online and in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia are different for a number of reasons:

1. I know that our relationships with food and our body are tied to our most primal experience of Self — our existence and identity.

Opening up to work on these relationships is challenging — it’s tender — you may feel vulnerable. I am not here to fix you, but to revere your inherent wholeness and beauty. I am sincerely honored to be your trusted guide as you find your way back home and discover the simple pleasure of being alive.

2. I know that making lasting changes is inner work, and it can only happen through self-compassion and acts of love.

Together we will leave behind the destructive environment of shame and blame and the violent tools of self-denial, self-rejection, and punishment. Truth, not force, is how we end compulsive eating and body obsession. With enough awareness, enough curiosity, and enough genuine tenderness, the old stories will fall away, revealing your sweet truth. And when you believe in your truth more than you believe in the quick fix, you will have the power to choose a life of ease, pleasure and fulfillment.

3. I help you build a bridge between mind and body. I think this is the most important difference.

So many of us become trapped in our heads, trapped in repetitive habits, and completely disconnected from our bodies and free flowing emotions. All good relationships are built on good communication. We’ll open the lines of communication between your mind and your body to establish a solid foundation for lasting change, using simple and effective mind-body techniques.

4. I cross-pollinate ideas and methods from many sources — formal education, a wealth of professional trainings and certifications, teachers from varied spiritual and philosophical backgrounds, personal experience, and direct interaction with women through coaching, workshops and courses.

And just as bees collect nectar from fields of flowers to feed their hive, I’ve gathered nourishing expertise and wisdom from far and wide to help myself, and hungry women like me, to transform our relationships with food, weight and body image — for real. That’s how I know that I can help you create your own nourishing honey to fuel your truly luscious life.