Once upon a time . . .

There was a fair-haired girl, aged seven, who was yearning to be a princess. But the road she traveled was rocky and she lost her way. When she looked in the mirror, she feared she didn’t measure up. And so the struggle began.

Instead of becoming a princess, the little girl (that would be me) grew up to be the queen of yo-yo dieting and weight obsessed self-loathing.

Ten pounds up, fifteen down, twenty-five up, thirty down, fifty up. Over and over again. In the land of not good enough, I believed I was too this and not enough that. Fear and shame were my constant companions.

I ate with reckless abandon, and wore fat pants.
I wore skinny jeans, and didn’t eat much of anything.
I knew the humiliation of broken zippers and the heartache of broken dreams.

I diminished my talents and gifts. I denied myself the simple pleasures of being alive.

In a land far, far away…

Meanwhile, I took up residence in that most peculiar land of make-believe — the fashion and advertising industry. During my climb, I reached dizzying heights as Producer and Creative Director, styling glamorous photo shoots with beautiful models in exotic locations.

Often out of breath and out of body — that was me.

And then one morning, in the pre-dawn light in the Sonoran Desert, a cowboy showed me just how far removed I’d become from my own body. That was the first step in my journey back home.

Of course, my long and winding road back home was not without its bumps.

There was even a magic pumpkin…

The magic of pumpkin as the perfect meal extender was revealed to me in a Weight Watchers meeting. Pumpkin in oatmeal. Pumpkin in mashed potatoes. Pumpkin in smoothies.

Everyone in the room enthusiastically agreed — pumpkin was the miracle weight-loss ingredient.

Then our leader dropped the bombshell. She explained that due to low pumpkin crop yields in the previous year, canned pumpkin would be in short supply. I raced to the store and found a display rack with 13 cans of pumpkin. It was pumpkin pay dirt! I grabbed them all and headed home, elated.

The next morning, three bites into my pumpkin oatmeal, I realized . . . I hated the taste, the texture, and the smell. I persevered with two more recipes, and then I remembered; I detest canned pumpkin!

Caught up in the cultural hustle for worthiness, I had lost my center.

And as my magical weight-loss carriage was reduced to a simple pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, I remembered my truth; I am a woman who believes in an abundant universe for you and me — no matter the pumpkin crop yields.

This ain’t no fairytale…

My journey has led me through advanced university degrees in education and the creative arts from Lesley University (Masters of Education), and in child study and human development from Tufts University (Bachelor of Arts); high-flying jobs in big advertising agencies and exclusive boutique firms as Creative Director, Producer and Stylist; and a wealth of professional trainings and certifications including: Martha Beck Life Coach Certification, Intuitive Eating Counseling Certification, Internal Family Systems Therapy Certification, Barbara Brennan Energy Healing Science Training, Core Energetics Training, Creativity Coach Certification, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training, Swaroopa Yoga Certification, and more!

I have lived and learned, and now it gives me the greatest pleasure to share this hard-won knowledge and heart-felt experience with women as they make their way back home to their bodies and their True Selves. 

But I’m not going to pretend this fairytale ends happily ever after. I don’t float from my bed each morning, suffused in a golden glow and gaze adoringly in the mirror at my thighs. My relationship with food and with my body is something I work on a little bit each day.

I wouldn’t have it any other way because I know this work is the doorway to my own right-for-me sized luscious life.

I’ve learned how to end the struggles with food and with my body. I’d love to help you do the same.