War or Peace?

September 10, 2015


In case you haven’t heard, the US is waging a “War on Obesity.” And you, my dear, are caught in the cross-fire.

“Calling for a war on fat presumes we have clear evidence of danger. We do not.” —Linda Bacon, PhD, Health at Every Size

In fact, that’s probably why you are here, reading this now. You may be waging war on your own obesity, and maybe you have been fighting it for many years. You believe that your problems and unhappiness are caused by your weight and your inability to control your appetite. You believe that to be thin is to be happy (at last!) and healthy, too. You believe it and (almost) everybody else does, too.

But what if I told you that this war you are fighting is a sham?

What if I told you that the facts and figures about obesity and overweight-ness that are bandied about in the media, delivered by doctors and worried about by well-meaning mothers are mostly myths designed to sell us products and services?

What if I told you that these myths often have more to do with image and prejudice than with health and longevity?

Well, you don’t have to take my word for it.

There is a growing movement of doctors, scientists, mental health professionals, dietitians and nutritionists, fitness experts and food lovers alike who have ditched the obsession with weight and weight loss and, instead, encourage people of every size, shape and weight to find compassionate ways to care for themselves. They choose well-being over weight and body respect over shame and distress. And, they champion Health at Every Size size equality as an issue of social justice.

This movement is called Health at Every Size (HAES ®).

Health at Every Size

“We do not have an epidemic of obesity; our epidemic is one of judgment, bias, and hyperbole.” —Linda Bacon, PhD

HAES is based on the simple premise that health begins with body respect. It is an evidence-based practice that liberates you from body hatred and preoccupations with food and size while guiding you into effort-less eating and exercise patterns to reach and maintain optimal health.

Embracing the concepts of Intuitive Eating, HAES focuses on healing your relationship with food, eating and body image to promote overall well-being. You are, by nature, an intuitive eater, and by learning (relearning, really) to listen to your own body again you will learn to trust your appetite – only you know when you are physically hungry and when you are sated. HAES supports discarding externally imposed rules and regimens for eating, too. Over time you will discover what foods you like to eat and make you feel good after you’ve eaten them.

Heath at Every Size also encourages people to build into their daily lives enjoyable movement and fun physical activities because active living offers a host of benefits that have nothing to do with weight loss and everything to do with living well, feeling strong and loving your life. If you hate to run and despise the gym, forget them! Dance in your den. Play with your kids. Walk your dog in the park. Go for a bike ride. Rake leaves. Go for a late night starlit stroll. If you love to do it, then go for it!

War or Peace? You Decide

I have no doubt that you suffer in your relationship to food, weight and body image. You really want to lose weight. You look in the mirror and all you see is “fat and ugly.”

Weight related suffering is rampant in our culture, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s end the war together by doing this weight-thing and body-thing a different way.

Are you ready to stop fighting and make peace with food, your weight and your body? Are you ready to leave diets and deprivation behind?

Start Here

If you are you intrigued by HAES, check out Dr. Linda Bacon’s (the founder of HAES) articles and books in which she up-ends conventional thinking about health and weight and heaps love and healing on people of every size.

Read more about the myths and non-truths about weight and health in Body of Truth by science journalist Harriet Brown.

For more information on the aesthetic, moral and commercial basis of our obsessions with eating and weight check out The Hundred Year Diet: America’s Voracious Appetite for Losing Weight by Susan Yager.

Work with Me

“The war on obesity has taken its toll. Extensive ‘collateral damage’ has resulted. Food and body preoccupation, self-hatred, eating disorders, discrimination, poor health…” —Linda Bacon, PhD, Health at Every Size

You do not have to do this alone.

Learning to respect your innate body wisdom and learning to trust yourself is the heart of our work together. I choose well-being over weight, health over hype and love over hate. I am body-positive and weight neutral.

My intention is to help you free yourself from the burdens holding you down related to food, weight and body image. You’ll be free from the diet mentality, chronic dieting cycles and body-hatred. Forever.

Every day I help women stop waging war against themselves and their bodies. Let’s chat about how I can help you choose peace.

No matter what, remember to sing peaceful protest songs such as “Respect Yourself.” Because, in the words of the Staple Singers, “If you don’t respect yourself ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot!”

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