Trick or Treat!

October 27, 2011

Long gone are the days of kids making a simple Halloween costume using a white bed sheet with jagged holes cut out for eyes, nose and mouth and roaming the neighborhood for the mother-of-all candy hauls.

Halloween is big business these days. The holiday generates up to $7 billion in retail sales – including candy, costumes for kids, adults and pets, decorations, parties, movies, ghost tours, haunted houses, and more. The National Retail Federation is fond of saying that Halloween is not just for kids anymore.

And to prove the point, take a look at Martha Stewart and the creatively elaborate costumes she’s worn over the years. Her dress-up has included Queen of the Wild Things, a Spellbinding Sorceress and Jane of the Jungle, just to name a few.

Martha, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Halloween”, is my go-to Halloween source. Her website is chock full of Halloween ideas and inspiration. They run the gamut from detailed directions on how to make creepy plaster appendages placed in serving bowls (if that’s your Thing) to photographs of Halloween costumes pet owners create for their adorable, furry friends. I love surfing the site to check out Martha’s recommendations for a spectacular Spook-fest!

If you’re participating in the seasonal merriment this year and are in a quandary about your costume, then take Martha’s light-hearted, seven question quiz: “What Should You Be For Halloween?”  It’s sure to spark your imagination.

If scary places are up your dark alley, then take this little quiz to see how much you know about “America’s Most Haunted Sites and Frights”. I took the quiz and got 6 out of 7. The score read: “Congratulations! Are you sure you haven’t been alive since 1775? You’re practically an expert on the creepiest and most mysterious parts of America’s past”.

What are your Halloween plans this year? Will you be dressed in a costume and candy-ready as you answer the doorbell for groups of cute and cleverly costumed kids.

Or maybe you plan to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, hoping that this will be the year Charlie Brown gets more than a rock in his trick-or-treat bag?

This year I’m going to dress up as, you guessed it, a ghost! I’ll be cloaked in tulle fabric from head to toe and adding to the haunting good time as the Roswell Ghost Tour walks past my house. I’ll let you know if I see Catherine…

I’m at the door waiting to hear about your festivities…Trick or Treat!

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