Beyond the Brown Bag

September 22, 2011

Back in the day, a brown paper bag or the occasional superhero metal box was the way cool kids (like you) carried your lunch to school.

A lot has changed since then.

Good-for-the-planet reusable lunch bags are plentiful and more hip than ever. Whether you’re carrying your lunch to work or taking it with you on your new back to school learning adventure, there are some great options out there.

Take a look at these and don’t forget to pack a lunch!

Whether you’re a foodie who spends time in the culinary fast lane or someone who brings simple provisions on the go, the fashionably fun and practical lunch bags and totes from BUILT are ideal for you. The reusable lunch bags are made of neoprene that stretches to accommodate utensils and containers. And they’re machine washable so there’s no need to worry about spills (good news for someone like me who spills – a lot).

If you can’t give up the brown paper bag look but want to demonstrate your eco-consciousness, then you’ll love this affordable, made in U.S.A. recycled cotton “I’m not a paper bag” lunch bag at reuseit. And, unlike a paper bag that’s tossed, each bag is good for hundreds of uses.

The conversation between these comical characters on this neoprene bag from ebagssays it all: “Let’s talk!” “Let’s not. I’m eating.” It’s just what you need for your silent, mindful eating practice.

What’s your lunchtime routine?  Are you brown bagging it or enjoying food from someone else’s kitchen/restaurant?  If you have suggestions or recommendations that go beyond the brown bag, I’d love to hear about them…

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