Truth the Claim

July 21, 2011

Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and remembered what really happened just before, during, or even after the picture was taken? Even though the truth claim of photography states that traditional photographs accurately depict reality, we all know that’s not always true, right?

This month’s creativity prompt is a light-hearted way to use the candid truth to set you free – one photograph at a time.

To try this, find a photograph that is particularly misleading.

It could be one in which you look really happy – beaming – but you know for a fact you weren’t.

Or one in which you look angry or sad, and yet right before the photograph was taken you were elated to announce you got a raise (won the lottery, been awarded teacher of the year, etc.)

It could even be a photograph where you turned away to hide your secret feelings for the photographer.

Once you’ve selected the photograph, write a caption for the way it appears. Then write a truthful caption – the way it really was.

Find more photos to candidly correct. The more you tell yourself the truth, the more freedom you’ll find!

What memories came back to you as you looked through your photos? Did you notice any patterns in for the camera behaviors? Now that you’ve set the record straight, how do you feel? I’d love to have you share your truth-telling discoveries here!

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