There comes a point when you realize you’ve had enough

When you’re tired of struggling against your own body, day after day.
When you know for sure that another bag of chips or bowl of ice cream will not give you the comfort you truly desire.
When you cannot bear, for another day, feeling fat, unworthy or less than.

You know you were put on this earth for something more

Listen. Listen to the quiet yet persistent drumming in your heart. It’s urging you toward freedom — freedom from countless resolutions made and broken, freedom from self-censoring and restrictions, and freedom from disappointment and self-loathing.

You can have what you want most

You can transform your relationship with food, with your body and with your self. And when you do that, you’ll no longer need the sugar high or fast food fix because you’ll be feasting on something far more satisfying – your own joyous, pleasurable, fulfilling life!

I can help you create that satisfying, truly luscious life

My last name, Bourdon, means bee. And like a bee that collects nectar from many flowers, I draw on diverse sources of learning — formal education, the expressive arts, teacher-healers from varied mind-body healing modalities, Martha Beck coaching tools and Intuitive Eating practices, in addition to my own rousing journey of luscious living.

This is the honey that fuels my life and teachings, and this is the honey I pass onto women through one-to-one coaching and group coaching programs, delivered by phone, Skype, on-line, and in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Are you hungry for a truly luscious life, a right-for-you sized life where you feel at ease with food, with your body, and with yourself? Click here to find out if my coaching is right for you.

People say…

“If you’re sick of struggling with issues like weight, body image, and thinking you’re not enough or too much, then Lisa Bourdon is the coach for you. Lisa has both the experience and heart to guide you to right-sized living using a highly creative, expressive style of coaching that’s spot-on for someone who’s stuck in patterns of self-sabotage. If you want to stop battling food and start embracing life, she’s the coach to hire. You’re gong to love working with her, and with the person she sees in you!”